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Brown Egg Crab

It has a large oval body, smooth and brown with a fine network of lines in blotches of white, cream or yellow, which form a floral pattern. It is highly poisonous and should not be eaten.


Bearing a row of aragonitic shells, Chitons have a dorsal shell which is composed of eight separate shell plates. These plates overlap somewhat at the front and back edges, and yet the plates articulate well with one another. Because of this, although the plates provide good protection for impacts from above, they nonetheless permit the chiton to flex upward when needed for locomotion over uneven surfaces, and also the animal can slowly curl up into a ball when it is dislodged from the underlying surface. The shell plates are surrounded by a structure known as a girdle

Sea urchin

Sea urchins are small, spiny, spherical organisms that are covered in spine which protect it from its predators. They inflict a painful wound when they penetrate human skin, but the injury is not dangerous. We believe that the urchin is the photo is using the shell that it is in as a form of extra protection, or as a form of camouflage.


Fireworms have hairy bristles along their sides. These bristles are sharp and brittle, which means they can penetrate the skin, and break off. The embedded bristles would cause a burning sensation, intense itching, inflammation and numbness that can last for days and weeks.

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